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VCE Game Changer.

VCE Game Changer 

This is a program that demanded to be produced. In fact it practically walked into my office, made a cup of tea and made itself at home. Constructed by the needs and questions of clients completing VCE, core areas covered are best learning habits, stress management, organisational skills, goal setting and so much more. 

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Your VCE experience doesn't have to be Stressful for you to be Successful. 

Imagine if you knew how to work with your brain rather than fighting with it to cram in as much information as possible until it feels like your head is about to explode.

On top of that, what if you were in charge of your mind and were able to skip over stress, anxiety and overwhelm like it was a stone in the path rather than the size of Uluru?

What if you had all of that as well an amazing side-kick who was as wise as Yoda and as supportive as a Cheerleader...

Welcome to Your
VCE Game Changer.

Ready for your life to change?

Back in the day, I would have done - and  did -  anything and everything to try and make my life easier during VCE. I was a girl with big dreams and seemingly endless motivation. Despite this I ran myself into the ground and developed some not so nice health issues.

I once was a VCE student that wished for an opportunity like this.

this was the program i wished for...

but guess what...

The truth is, this program isn't the real Game Changer... you are! Learn how to work smarter and build your confidence, taking away tools and techniques that won't only reshape your school days but you will take with you in the years beyond.



If you're lucky, you may  have been taught a little about strategies for studying and structuring a good environment for taking in information. What a lot of people don't know is that it is not a one-size-fits all approach. What works fantastically for one person will be a dismal waste of time for another. Discover your individual Study Style in order to make sure recalling information is as easy as possible!

Have you ever felt like your teacher was talking to a brick wall... and you were the brick wall? It's not that you're not smart and likely not even that you were just 'having an off day'. Your teacher was probably teaching in a different learning style! 
Discover your learning style and how you can engage in your learning environment to get the most out of it.

Here's What You'll Learn

Study Style

Learning Style

feature one

feature tw0

Whether you know exactly what you want or your goal is to work out what it is you want your future to hold, you're in the right place. Forget Goal Setting, it's about Goal Getting... but sometimes it's easier said than done. Lucky you've got a Goal Getting Guru at you fingertips to guide you through the process!

Goal Setting

feature four

Clear out old emotions and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. The more we have built up, the more likely were to react to things rather than calmly respond. Building your resilience and confidence will go a long way in supporting your success in VCE and beyond!

Detox & Destress

feature Three


Career suitability and discovering what's really important for a fulfilling future.

How does this sound?

Structuring organisational skills, time management and accountability.



a lot of the program is based on your indivual wants and needs. here is how other vce students have used their program:

Learning how to not only manage but overcome stress and anxiety.


Utilising rapport building, language and communication skills.


Grow confidence, self-worth and motivation.



How It Works

Enrol and begin your 1:1 full day workshop, uncovering how you best work, discover how to embrace an empowering mindset and releasing what doesn't serve you.

First This

2x 1:1 sessions per month, keeping you on track for success and sanity. With email, text and phone support as required through out the school year.

Then this

Enjoy the benefits! By the end point, many program participants are disappointed for the program to end and come back to check in for my pearls of wisedom.

then this

"In early 2020, we recognised that our daughter was becoming increasingly anxious, unhappy and generally not coping with the beginning of Yr12. The previous school year had been challenging however as the year continued, her mental health had deteriorated to the point that we started to search for professional help. At this point, we found Brin...."

Brin has instilled an amazing tool kit of techniques and skills in our daughter that has not only helped her through a challenging Yr 12 (thanks to COVID 19) but has helped her with waiting for VCE results, the university enrolment process, getting her P's and establishing invaluable skill sets that will help her throughout her life.


got her groove back:

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Family Feedback

This tool kit of techniques and skills have included:

      > Valuing herself, and valuing             her own individual traits and
      > Developing communication
         and social skills with different
         populations and situations
      > Managing and clearing
         emotions so she can start
         with a clean slate.
      > This has helped her to not
         have a build up of anxiety,
         fear, hurt and other negative
         emotions. Therefore each
         situation that she comes
         across where these emotions
         are normal she can address
         them without already being
         out of control to begin with.
      > She has learnt to not hold
        onto negative situations.


got her groove back:

Family Feedback

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This tool kit of techniques and skills have included:

      > To view things/situations in a
         positive light and reframe
         your thoughts and opinions
      > Organisational and study                 skills.
      > General work skills.
      > Build confidence to go for               what you want in the
         future/look for further
         opportunities/allow yourself
         to be open for opportunities
         to open up for you.
      > Improve hormonal
         management including mood
         and other PMS symptoms.
      > How to manage your own
         reactions to different people
         and not take on others
         negative feedback and


got her groove back:

Family Feedback

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This tool kit of techniques and skills have included:

      > How to handle feedback
         which may be viewed as
      > Being aware of language and
         why certain statements have
         the effect they have.

At the end of yr 12 our daughter is still the same amazing, loving and gifted child we have always known but she can now show this to the world through her own view of herself.

Her confidence and ability to catch her thoughts, both negative and positive, then pro-actively manage them so they no longer control her every action has been invaluable. 


got her groove back:

Family Feedback

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"Understanding how my mind works has made my life so much easier."

"Brin taught me strategies for learning that work for me specifically and how to implement them into my studies. I always felt like I could ask Brin about anything and she would always have something helpful to say."


VCE student

Yes, It Really Works

"I get so excited for my sessions with Brin, I always leave feeling fantastic!"

"I am so beyond grateful to Brin for everything she has taught me and all the support she has given me along the way. Before working with Brin, I would get so overwhelmed and stressed, I would end up in tears every week over something. With Brin's help and support. I had barely any tears for the rest of the year and Brin was always there to get me straight back on track! I'm so proud of what I have been able to achieve and I know I couldn't have done it without Brin by my side."


vce student

"Brin has been such a great help! I feel like I know where I'm going now."

"At the start of the year I had no idea what I wanted to do once I finished school. With Brin's help, we were able to work out what my strengths are, what's important to me in a career and what fulfils me. Brin helped me find confidence and value within myself and who I am.



A lot of us try to go at it alone but sometimes we just want someone on our side, cheering us on...

As a reformed perfectionist, I know what it's like to strive to be the best version of yourself. But if you're anything like me, you'll know reaching for what you want in life will not only be easier but a lot more enjoyable with some help along the way.

You're in the right place.

"Two things you are in total control of in your life are your Attitude and you Effort."


Working smart, making the hard work you do put into studying all the more beneficial.

Confidently navigate the numerous choices and decisions the year brings.

Be in charge of your focus. Know how and when to 'switch on' and 'switch off'.

Have a clear actionable plan in place for how to approach the year. It's a marathon, not a sprint!

Valuing yourself and have negativity and stress bounce off harmlessly, leaving you cool as a cucumber.

Embracing your organisational skills while having a sidekick to keep you accountable.

The VCE Game Changer will get you...


I'm Brin, your new Go-To Girl.

I've always been curious about people and how they work. As you can see, that curiosity has turned into a full blown career!
Interested in my story...?

more about me

hey there!

What was my experience?...

If you've already visited the 'About' page you'll know that my interest in mental health first started when I was in High School. I saw someone have a complete melt down because they couldn’t finish their exam. We were 14.
I had always been a fairly positive person but the older I got, the more I realised that we’re never REALLY taught how to regulate our own thoughts and emotions.
We don't have to be stressed to have success!
Study wise I was always pretty dedicated but after discovering these tools and techniques, I able to achieve 100% in a 7 hour exam! Don't get me wrong, it took a lot of work and dedication but it was clear my new strategic way of studying took it to a whole new level!

it's not about how smart you are but how strategic you can be. working with your mind is easier than you think!

but it wasn't always this way.

As far as I know, this course is one of a kind...

it was practically designed by vce students!

How do I use my study time effectively? Why do I feel like I'm behind? What am I going to do when schools over? How do I stay on top of my stress and anxiety? How do I stop myself from getting overwhelmed?

I'm all about giving people the tools and techniques they need to stand confidently in who they are. I believe that truly understanding how your mind works and most importantly, how to work with it, is the best possible foundation we can have. 

this is not a one size fits all approach

It may sound cliché... but while we might all be similar in what make us human, we are all unique in what makes us individual!

I'm sure it's not news to you that everyone thinks differently. So, it makes sense that we would learn differently, recall information different and handle stress and pressure differently.

After the initial Kick Starter, this program in entirely based upon the VCE students needs, questions and goals.

Confidence, Career Paths, Goal Setting, Stress and Anxiety Management, Communication Skills... you name it, I've got your back!

study strategically

strengthen your


have a trusty navigator by your side

This program includes everything you need to navigate VCE.

Sometimes it's just nice to know that you've got someone backing you all the way with the experience required to make sure all your efforts are worth you while...

Creating study habits that work for YOU.

Understanding how to process information and learn.

Forget Stress and Anxiety and embrace Focus, Motivation and Confidence.

Set Goals in a way that supports your success and build a mindset that is positive and empowering.

Organisation, Structure and Accountability.

Knowing what you want and believing in the possibilities and most importantly... Yourself!

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:


This      for you if:

You're finally to commit to yourself...

you're not interested in smart studying

YOu ARE in years 10, 11 or 12

you don't want to feel supported

you're ready for teamwork

It's probably       for you if...

you don't want to be the game changer



It's probably
for you if...

Can I work with you online?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it's that so many great things can be accessible and work on an online platform. If you are not in Bendigo, Victoria, you are welcome to complete the program online via Video Call.

Frequently Asked Questions

I can get anxious but sometimes it might not be about school. Can  I work on that in the program?

Short answer... Yes! While the focus may be on VCE we can work on anything you might finding challenging or be struggling with.

My parents are paying for the program... will you be sharing what I discuss with them?

Confidentially is important in building a strong, supportive relationship with program participants. Before beginning, I like to have a chat with the participant and parent to be clear in what everyone's expectations are from the start.

I missed the enrolement period. Can I still work with you?

If the enrolment period has ended, I still encourage you to reach out. At the beginning of the program I can be very busy guiding participants through the Kick Starter but once settled into their fortnightly sessions, I may have room for 1 or 2 more! It never hurts to go on the waitlist.

I know the program is one session per fortnight but can I book more time with you?

Everyone is different and sometimes we can need a little extra support. If you would prefer some more time we can arrange that. It's also not unknown for me to call and check in if my spider-senses are tingling!

I have a child who is not in years 10, 11 or 12 but really like the sound of this program... can we work with you?

I have had the pleasure of working with a huge range of people, some as young as 8! I am in the business of helping others and would love to hear from you.

shoot me an email

I completely understand. Every dollar invested in your education is an important one! Feel welcome to reach out and have a chat!

Still on the fence?